Cottages & Cabins


Opera House Opera House Opera House
руб 22 400
22 400 руб/сут
An unborrowed architectural solution, panoramic glass cover in the drawing-rooms on the first and second floors, a bed-room with a...
Lodge (Большой дом) Lodge Lodge
руб 17 500
17 500 руб/сут
If 'rest' and 'maximal comfort' are the synonyms for you, then you will like this house. There is room enough for 12 guests in the...
Izba (Изба) Izba (Изба) Izba (Изба)
руб 8 900
8 900 руб/сут
If you want to have a rest in Russian manner, settle in an 'izba' — a house made of logs just in traditions of wooden architecture...
Hut (Хата) Hut (Хата) Hut (Хата)
руб 4 800
4 800 руб/сут
This is a small house near the river bank with a fine view from its big windows. It comprises a comfortable bed-room, a cozy sitti...
Granny Flat (Тёщин  домик) Granny Flat Granny Flat
руб 8 500
8 500 руб/сут
You can hardly find any better place for a rest with your family. This is a commodious and very cozy 2-bed wooden house on the ver...
Fish”ka (Хижина рыбака) Fish”ka (Хижина рыбака) Fish”ka (Хижина рыбака)
руб 2 900
2 900 руб/сут
The Fisher's Hut is an ideal place for "romantics" who come to our country-house hotel to enjoy the beauty of primeval Nature....
Family house (Семейный дом) Family house Family house
руб 5 900
5 900 руб/сут
Cottage (Коттедж) Cottage (Коттедж) Cottage (Коттедж)
руб 9 500
9 500 руб/сут
Nature and a good company is what matters in the country rest! If you agree to this, our cottage will fit you well! After the whol...
Farm yard (Фермерский двор) Farm yard Farm yard
руб 1 800
1 800 руб/сут
8 rooms for 2 persons each, a shared kitchen and a shared lounge....