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Mar 01.

Winter rest was a pure fairytale! Everything went off very good. It has been a long time since I felt that much relaxed and restful.

Feb 12.

We arranged a wonderful little vacation for ourselves in your hotel. We really liked wide variety of optional services, there was something to satisfy every one of us. It's a stellar choice for family vacation, we will certainly come here next year!

Alexey and Anna
Jan 21.

It's a perfect choice of a place. Forest, lake, it's breathtaking. I'm going to take a week off this summer and spend it there.

Sergey, Moscow
Nov 13.

I came here on my days off with all my family and we were very much pleased! Restful place, cozy atmosphere, and excellent service. It is an interesting place for both adults and children. We are planning to come here in winter

faithfully yours, Olga.
Nov 13.

We liked all here! It was a wonderful rest, so we will necessarily come here once more.

Marina Orlova.